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Annual Reaffirmation of Rickman Enterprise Group Commitments

On behalf of Rickman Enterprise Group (REG), we believe it is a privilege to work with our colleagues, customers, and communities.

You’ve read our mission and know that trusted industry expertise is what we serve up at Rickman Enterprise Group…for 30 years so far and, we envision, for the sustainable future. Today, I am proud to share that our strategic plan for sustainability, along with our long-term community alliances, are working for your best interest. Continue reading “Annual Reaffirmation of Rickman Enterprise Group Commitments”

Detroit mayor live-streams 10,000th demolition

By Matthew Messner (@MessnerMatthew)
July 19, 2016

Rod-10000 house demoed

Mayor Mike Duggan took to social media to live stream the demolition of the 10,000th abandoned house in Detroit since the city started its current blight removal program. Along with remarks from the Mayor, the District 1 Manager Stephanie Young, and other community leaders, the video shows a house being razed in a matter of minutes by a large backhoe. The wood frame house was located on Marlowe St. in District 1 on Detroit’s far west side. Continue reading “Detroit mayor live-streams 10,000th demolition”