Roderick RickmanDear Colleagues, Members & Customers,

REG focus for 2016-17 is growth by calibration and alignment: increasing capacity and territory by developing Effective, Sustainable and Strategic Alliances. Corporate values should be prioritized, and is part of our DNA. Safety being paramount is followed by Excellence, Competitive Pricing, Quality and Innovation.

It is important to diversify our customer base by industry and develop a robust relationship with our traditional financial lender. I encourage you to participate with Business Development Advocacy organizations and Community Development Programs, in order to find customers and allies. Know that a dollar must circulate five times within our community to effectively sustain businesses and build wealth. We need to rely on each other for business.

As exemplary leaders and role models, commitment to Mentoring, Community Involvement & Development, and Advocating for our community are essential to our success. Know the importance of your Presidential Voting Rights in 2016. I hope 2016 and beyond brings organizations across our great United States of America much success and prosperity in business and personal life.

Stay relevant and God bless you,

Roderick K. Rickman


Rickman Enterprise Group